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Typical Writing Process

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want your SMEs to be billable and also support thought leadership efforts. In this conflict, billable hours always win out. 

  • Your SMEs know your business but their content is too technical for the average prospect or customer.

  • A new regulation or standard is published and you want to produce a thought leadership piece but need a quick turnaround.

These are all common scenarios. They happen when small companies are growing fast. They happen in highly specialized or technical markets. And they happen because taking time to write takes time away from other important activities.

We can make it simple. Our writing process is designed to minimize the time required from your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

  1. We interview the SME on a specific topic or potential range of topics

  2. We draft the content piece and work toward weaving in important messages and details that are highlighted by the SME.

  3. We submit the draft content for review and feedback from the SME.

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Getting It Done

The interview is done over the phone, on a video conference, or via email. The typical call takes about 30-45 minutes. We use research resources recommended by the SME as well as information gleaned from the interview.


The SME gets a chance to read the content and add texture where needed. It also gives them a chance to make sure that their voice is being accurately represented in the final piece.  

We can help you deliver your message to the marketplace, quickly and easily.

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