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Check out some of the different ways we collaborate with our clients to meet their marketing goals.

Telling a Great Story

PrismWorks offers ghostwriting services for clients who have a great story to tell but don’t have the resources to tell it. We collaborate with client teams, interview subject matter experts, draft content and coordinate reviews. We develop case studies, press releases, white papers, bylines and other content that help to create brand awareness, reinforce messaging and foster thought leadership.

Leading the Way

Small, growing companies usually don’t have the budget to hire a full-time marketing lead. PrismWorks team members fill this role in a part-time capacity. We participate in client leadership teams, contributing to strategy discussions, planning and budgeting activities. We execute marketing programs and manage vendor/agency relationships. This type of engagement is scalable and fills a resource gap while enabling us to more closely align marketing activities with client revenue goals.

The Next Best Thing to Being There

Face-to-face interactions are ideal but aren’t always possible because of travel or resource constraints. Webinars are a great way to engage an audience and can be used to build thought leadership. PrismWorks has conducted numerous webinars with clients. We work with clients to evaluate webinar tools, develop webinar production processes, train presenters, draft presentation content and promotional campaigns, and conduct the webinar practices and final events. These webinars provide a great return on investment and provide an additional channel for engagement.

Automate to Accelerate

Growing companies often struggle to promote their subject matter experts and communicate with target audiences in a scalable manner. Marketing automation tools provide the potential to manage and track engagement while automating communications. We have implemented marketing automation tools that provide great insight for sales teams while enabling the client to employ successful and scalable communications programs for subject matter experts, executives and other customer-facing roles.

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