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Sales Email Templates

Below are 4 sample email templates that are succinct, communicate value and engage prospects. And they are all yours!

Value & Benefits Email

Hi [First Name],

I’ve worked with people in our community for X years now. One of the key challenges they struggle with is [challenge].

Over the past year we’ve helped Y families to achieve [goal], resulting in Z [benefits - money saved, increased safety, efficiency, etc.].

If this issue resonates with you too, let’s schedule a quick call. I have some ideas that may help.



Current Events & Credibility Email

[First Name],

I work in [industry] and I noticed that [recent event/trend] this year in our community.

From my experience, [issue or challenge] usually becomes a priority when that happens. I thought you might be interested in learning how we helped other families [succeed in their new direction/use our products & services] without any hiccups.

If you’d like to chat, let’s set up a call. Are you free [days and times]? Let me know. Regards,



Your Approach to [Challenge] Email

Hi [First Name],

I saw an article the other day that talks about [challenge]. Recently, I have heard a lot of my customers complaining about the same thing.

Are you experiencing similar problems? If so, we should chat. [Company name] has some great solutions to [challenge].

  • Solution benefit 1

  • Solution benefit 2

  • Solution benefit 3

We help families like yours every day. And we have many options to fit your timeline and budget.

Do you have 5 minutes to speak on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon this week?

Talk soon,



Thought You Might Find This Helpful Email

[First Name]

I have been reading about [XXX]. It got me thinking…I found this article on [topic] that I thought you may be interested in reading.

[insert link to article]

Hope you find it helpful. Let me know if you’d like to chat more about it offline.


Best of luck,


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