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Defining Your Target Market

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Where Do You Start?

Below are questions you can consider when trying to identify and describe your target market. Once you answer these questions, you are well on your way to developing a “buyer persona”.

  • What is the problem you solve?

    • What are the symptoms of the problem or the biggest pain points?

    • How do most prospects react to the problem?

    • Are there common “worse case” scenarios that prospects may dread?

  • Who benefits from what you are selling?

    • Who has the problem that you are addressing?

    • Is there typically one decision maker?

    • Is there typically an influencer?

  • What does your current client base have in common?

    • Common need?

    • Common demographics?

    • Common geography?

    • Common interests?

  • Who are your competitors targeting?

    • What are they selling?

    • What are their price points?

    • How is your product/service differentiated from current market alternatives?

  • Are there complementary services/products on the market that align with your offerings?

  • What feedback do you receive from current clients that helps define your target market?

    • Did current clients evaluate alternatives and see unique value in your offering?

    • Are any current clients converts from a competitor who will describe why they came to you?

If you need more assistance, check out the other free resources on our website or contact the PrismWorks team today. We are here to help!

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